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Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions

Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance

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New classes for 2015 are being finalized. Come back later to see what we have going on!

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Open House 2014

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Upcoming Clinics and Workshops

Cultivating Effortlessness: A Series of Feldenkrais® and Bones for Life® Workshops

with Meriah Kruse, GCFP

Date: TBD

Cost: $79. Pre-registration requested

Attendance at previous workshops is not a requirement.

The two-way dialogue between rider and horse depends, in part, on the ability of the rider to relax into the rhythm and feel of the motion of the horse. One of the greatest favors any rider can do for her equine friends is to cultivate a sense of effortlessness, where just the amount of effort that is needed is used, and nothing more. When the human half of the partnership has a clear somatic idea of where her personal posture emanates from, she can bring a highly organized body and mind to the act of riding, thus eliminating what Feldenkrais called “parasitic efforts” which distract or interfere with the horse’s gait and sense of ease.

Both the Feldenkrais Method, and it’s offspring Bones for Life, create just these conditions: effortlessness, and an approach to dynamic, natural posture that comes from increased subtle awareness of self.

“Riding, like many sports, demands coordination and timing. It also requires that elusive quality, “feel.” Feel is the ability to carry on a subtle two-way dialogue with your horse, so that horse and rider act as a single, intelligent unit. Feel requires a heightened awareness of self that is often lacking in our stress-filled world.”

Mary Debono, GCFP

Encinitas, California

Comments from recent workshop attendees:

Just finished another great Feldenkrais workshop.

I can feel such a difference with each session building on the previous work.

Looking forward to next months session...Yeah!

Gillian Vallis, Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship

Thanks for hosting, I also felt a big difference when I rode.

Sharon Vander Ziel, Education Programs Coordinator,

United States Dressage Federation

Previous Events

Herd Dynamics for Leaders Workshop

October 18, 2014


Attitudes, Practices, Values, and Goals are all ingredients of a 'culture'. Leaders must be aware of what sort of culture they are creating! Yet creating the culture you want take much more than these ingredients.

Ultimately, the leader, or leaders, conduct the energy and set the tone of their organizations. Most of what is identified as 'culture' is the unspoken 'feel' that exists in the physical and relational environment, or what I call the field. Leaders must become aware of this field and expand their perceptual abilities to FIRST notice these environments and understand the way they are 'showing up' and affecting their environment, and then, and only then, can they consciously shape the culture.

The interesting thing about developing a higher perceptual awareness is that our system is already picking up information from the environments we find ourselves in, it's just that we do not consciously leverage this somatic information/feedback to affect change.

What new things will you perceive today?

-Lissa Pohl, co-facilitator

Awakening to Wellbeing Workshop

October 4th, 2014


Let powerful Insights from the Horse Herd take you on an innovative path of self-discovery.

Tom Poulin Clinic

September 27-28th, 2014


Pine Knoll Farm Open House

April 19, 2014


Come and take a tour of our facility and speak with our team members about the services we offer!

See the Facebook Event Page for more info!

KDA Youth Clinic

May 9-11, 2014

$60 lesson fee

FRIDAY (5/9) Early Evening Bandaging Lesson, Nutrition Seminar, and Meet ‘n’ Greet with Cathy Fox, Group Dinner with Guest Speaker, International FEI-Level Rider Ms. Reese Koffler-Stanfield. ( $ FREE, $10 for Dinner, if Auditing)

SATURDAY (5/10) Dressage Private Lesson with Cathy Fox and Saturday Youth Team Leadership Event (KDA $25; Non-KDA $60)

SUNDAY (5/11) Dressage Private Lesson with Cathy Fox (KDA $25; Non-KDA $60)

KDA Pro Clinic

with Tom Poulin

July 11, 2014

$75 lesson fee

FRIDAY (7/11) Dressage Private Lesson with Tom Poulin (KDA $75; Non-KDA $150)

KDA Open Clinic

with Tom Poulin

July 11, 2014

$75 lesson fee

FRIDAY (7/11) Early Evening Rider Biomechanics Session with Tom Poulin (FREE)

SATURDAY (7/12) Dressage Private Lesson with Tom Poulin and Evening Lecture with Dinner (KDA $75; Non-KDA $150)

SATURDAY (7/12) Evening Lecture with Dinner Only ($ 25)

SUNDAY (7/13) Dressage Private Lesson with Tom Poulin (KDA $75; Non-KDA $150)

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