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Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions

Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance

The Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions (ELS) Team are dedicated to offering programs and resources to support an environment for growth, learning, and transformation. Our diversity of life experiences offer clients knowledge and insights from the world of personal development to the art of riding and horsemanship. ELS programs foster the integration of personal well-being, performance and expanded consciousness through our Equine Assisted Experiential programs and our in-house services, clinics and workshops. The integration of mind, body and spirit.

Our PKF Essence of Horsemanship Programs and THT Educational Center support exploration, learning, and research in Horse Human Relationship and Training.

The Peace Ponies serve as Global Ambassadors of Peace, Freedom, Empowerment, and Inspiration.

Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions© offers a variety of customized programs, packages, and services for the ultimate equestrian experience. Our signature facility provides a rare opportunity to connect with horses in a “Spa Like” setting. The creative Lifestyle Experiences were designed to benefit every aspect of the Equestrian Lifestyle from the horse enthusiast to the committed competitor. Our comprehensive menu of services supports "Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance". We are here to empower you to achieve your goals and to help you live a conscious balanced life.

Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship provides educational opportunities and programs designed to support an “integrated” approach to optimum well-being and performance of both horse and human. We are dedicated to documenting and preserving the Art of Riding and Horsemanship through our Essence of Horsemanship programs. Our programs emphasize the importance of the “whole picture”: incorporating Emotional Conformation Profiling of the Equine Athlete, Round Pen, Groundwork, Seminars on Integrative Healthcare, Farriery, Dentistry, Nutrition, and Equine/Human Biomechanics.

We have created an environment where horses and riders are able to maximize their abilities and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Below is a diagram representing our Integrated Approach. See the Life Enhancement Center or HorsEmpowerment®

Join the Equestrian Lifestyle Solutions 'Swiss Bank Account' Program and see our Pine Knoll Riding Club Options